C++ Basics of Object Oriented Programming

C++ Basics of Object Oriented Programming

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Basics of Object-Oriented Programming

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Basics of Object-Oriented Programming

  • The name of C++ signifies the evolutionary nature of the changes from C. “++” is the C increment operator.
  • C++ is one of the predominant languages for the development of all kinds of technical and commercial software.
  • C++ introduces Object-Oriented Programming, not present in C i.e. C++ introduces features of OOP: encapsulation, polymorphism, abstraction, and inheritance.
  • C++ got the OOP features from the Simula67 Programming language.
  • A function is a minimum requirement for a C++ program to run.
  • C and C++ invented at same place i.e. at T bell laboratories.
  • Not purely object-oriented: We can write C++ code without using classes and it will compile without showing any error message. The language has some extensions over C, that make OOP and generic programming more convenient.
  • Many programming languages are influenced by c++, some of which include C#, Java and even newer versions of C.
  • Concept of reference variables: operator overloading borrowed from Algol 68 programming language.
  • A major reason behind the success of C++ is that it supports various programming styles. It is a multiparadigm programming language that not only supports OOP paradigm but also many other paradigms.

What is Polymorphism?

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    Steve Morison
    July 04, 2020

    I was searching for a course of this caliber. The trainer made me to learn the concepts to the core and had a wonderful session learning from Neural Pruning.

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